Growth Through Collaboration With Top Agents

Our team has a proven system that provides you with the support to become a top producer. Join today and we will help you build your business from the ground up.


A philosophy that puts agents first

Our goal is to help agents fast forward their career by giving them the playbook that other top teams and agents are using to win in today's market.

We focus on creating effective communication that is rooted curating success for everyone on the team.

A focus on collaboration over competition. Our desire is to work together towards a common goal.

An emphasis on learning and growth means investing in training for all of our team members at all levels.


Why We're Different

We believe in creating a positive work environment for our agents, providing top-notch training and offering cutting-edge technology tools to help them succeed.

01 - Morning Huddle

Monday through Friday you can join our morning huddle to work on mindset, get help with an issue, and roll play. We meet for 15 minutes at 9:00am and the agents are very generous sharing what is working for them.

02 - Monday Mastermind

Every Monday members of Fast Forward Movement meet on Zoom to collaborate. If you have a question about your business you can submit it to the hosts, Kyle Whissel and Dan Beer. We like to use this time for marginal gains. Each week they cover 3 - 4 topics and when I hear something that is better than my current process I will add it to our To-Do list. If you would like to be a guest and "date" EXP, send me a message for the password to our next meeting.

03 - Thursday Solo Agent Mastermind

Solo agents meet to talk about issues in their business how they can grow.

04 - Wednesday Generals Meeting +100 Sales Per Year

Top team leaders selling over $50 Million or 100 properties each year meet to discuss team issues.

05 - Thursday Lady Leaders Mastermind

Mary Maloney leads a lady's only mastermind.

06 - Financial Freedom Friday's

Learn how to invest your money!

07 - Team Olsewski Events

EXP and its agents have several events each year. The Fast Forward Movement group meets a couple times a year for a high level mastermind in San Diego. The knowledge in this room is powerful. There are over 150 agents selling at least 100 homes a year. Brent Grove hosts the build event in Dallas, TX. EXP has the EXPCON in Las Vegas and the Shareholders Summit in Orlando.

Why Join Team Olsewski?

When you join eXp Realty, you become part of a global family of agents and partners dedicated to transforming the real estate experience. Learn more about how we empower our agents with world-class strategic partnership and stock awards.


Our Core Values

Tenacious Spirit

Our agents work everyday of the week to be readily available to you, and put the skills we practice daily into action so you get the best possible outcome.

Mastery Mindset

You deserve a team that is constantly growing in their skills, network, and knowledge to get your the best result possible.

Come From Contribution

Our primary goal is that each person who works with me achieves success.

Open Communication

Our team prides itself on honest and sincere service so you always know what is going on and we can reach your goal together.

Be The Solution

It is part of our promise to you that we will always be solution oriented and help overcome any hurdle that may arise.

With Positivity

You can count on everyone in the company to approach this journey with a positive attitude, even in times of difficulty.


Take the next step towards your future

If you're ready to take your career to the next level, please get in touch. We would love to chat with you about your goals!





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